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Holy Lunar Eclipse

Due to some requests, here there is the translation of my article "Eclipse de Luna Santa". Sorry if my English is not perfect.

On Saturday April 4 at 07:31 am (Venezuela), a lunar eclipse will occur at 14°24' Libra. It will be total and be part of the tetrad of red moons that will occur in the period 2014-2015. Also called bloody moon, the fact that our satellite takes this color significantly impacts humanity because it does not occur as frequently.

Lunar eclipses occur during the full moon (it will be immediately after the eclipse, at 07:37 am), at which our emotional world and the subconscious are at their finest.
Full moons also indicate that we have reached the climax of a cycle that we begin to close.

Thus, then, that we have to debug, eliminate, remove, expel, terminate, take out of our lives, all those emotions and memories that won’t allow us to progress, evolve, move forward.

Libra has to do with relationships, justice, peace, harmony. Therefore, our clean interior work has to do with these issues.

To add all, the eclipse will occur right after the Good Friday, when the crucifixion of Jesus is commemorated, moment of reflection, meditation, revision of our religious beliefs. So, closures we do will be based on special conditions of contacting our God, our inner wisdom. A moment of holiness we must make the most of. If we are powerless to close cycles by ourselves, let us call for spiritual help, then help will come for sure.

The Eclipse in Venezuela

Eclipse's wheel raised in Caracas has ASC Taurus with Venus in H1. This can be a good sign, for it is the sign of exaltation of the Moon.

Taurus has to do with our material security, supply, stability, profitability. So that will be the subject of review. It is time to finally resolve the viacrucis for the purchase of food and other basic necessities.

Jupiter H4 calls us to seek the safety of home, family, roots, country. Our need is to grow as a nation, have a roof to protect us, be happy in our home and our country. The H4 also is the natural house where the Moon is domiciled. So, in various ways, comes the message of nutrition, food, security, satisfaction of basic needs.

Is the government willing to work hard to solve this problem?

It does not seem so. The Sun is in H12, in conjuction to Uranus and the South Node. H12 is the house of prisons, having no ability to act, of sorrow, of the occult. It's like a government (Sun) handcuffed (C12) and stuck in the past (South Node), but that suddenly gives us an unexpected surprise (Uranus) with "under his sleeve" made decisions.

Mars (the military) and Mercury (students) are also there.
At the front, in H6, the Moon (the people, the masses, mothers) juggling to get the benefits that efficient public services should give, which are not such. It is part of a T-square with Pluto as a focal point in H9: tensions with international relationships, which favor neither the government nor the population.

Jupiter has good aspects to the Moon and the stellium Mercury- South Node -Sun-Uranus. And Saturn from H7 (the house of laws) looks good with Mercury. Perhaps we will get a surprise and justice will be held for some prisoners, especially students. Saturn demands to make it right.

Many more things can be said about this chart, but the article would be too long.

The double wheel of eclipse over Venezuela is very interesting, because the angular houses are protruding.

The eclipse stands right on the axis 1-7: the people and the enemies of the people, a change in the way we relate, a search for restoring of peace and joy, reconciliation. A Pluto on the cusp of H4: a transformation from our roots. Chiron over Pluto and South Node of Venezuela, who forces us to heal our eternal wound: the “victim-messiah” game. The people must stop playing "daddy state must give me everything because I am poor", and empower to search our destiny, which is productivity, efficiency, be pragmatic, realistic and self-sufficient (North Node in Virgo).

Will we make it?

Only opening our eyes, work that will still take us a while, because the Neptune square Neptune we are living is confusing us, we are not capable of seeing the way out. This square is long, usually lasting at least three years. The good news is that we have already lived half, so every time takes less. This square occurred about 164 years ago, i.e. 1851 circa. Let us have a look of what happened on that date in Venezuela: assumed the presidency José Gregorio Monagas, who freed the slaves in 1854 ...

What should be the job of each sign to debug our relationships and close these cycles?

ARIES: learn to compromise. Leave behind relationships or partnerships that are not aligned with your personal goals. Use your creativity.

TAURUS: feel you do not progress because your labor relations are strained. Change you job. Try to be productive from your own home with a new professional philosophy.

GEMINI: you are wasting creative time with groups that are not good for you. Make a radical and profound change recognizing your communication talents.

CANCER: should definitely break the home shell and come out, surprising everyone. Leave behind the relationships and partners who are holding you. Only then you will see new sources of lucrative income.

LEO: change your environment, looking for new offices, new neighbors. Renew and update your professional image so you can feel like the king you are.

VIRGO: break your monetary schemes, pay and be free of your debts. Change your creative structure, give yourself permission to enjoy your free time. Do not worry about hidden enemies, they will come out by themselves and you will be able to fight them, especially your own fears.

LIBRA: too much diplomacy gets you so tired. Surprise others by taking clear decisions. Soon it comes a moving that will put you in touch with new and cheerful friends.

SCORPIO: remove old grudges and revenge desires from your life. Look for a new job, surprise with new working tools with a totally different way of thinking. Only then you will achieve the career advancement you deserve.

SAGITTARIUS: use your natural frankness to separate you from friends that sabotage you. Look for new creative and independent ways to create wealth. Take a vacation and make a trip to glamorous places.

CAPRICORN: your boss has you "fed up". Change radically and bring out your inner boss. Do not let your family stop you. If necessary, find a new place to live. You will get the money to do that.

AQUARIUS: your innate wisdom staggers to new ways of seeing life, of thinking, of communicating. Your wit will be fed by the deepest fears and secrets you can uncover. Lean on your partner.

PISCES: shake off the weight of the secrets of others. Surprise other working to generate wealth for your soul in a new job that fills you with joy and satisfaction. Radically change the people you gather and share ideals with.

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